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Limiting them was probably the most idiotic thing Keith has ever done..aside from letting that one person decide how to give out the prizes for botb(I think that will always be mentioned).

It shows how truly out of touch with the users he is. Then again when you consider that it has been almost 3 days since he was last on Subeta… it should not be surprising that he is out of touch.


First of all, I didn’t self-freeze. There was a misunderstanding and I’m currently appealing to try and clear it up. Hopefully I can return soon or at least get the freeze shortened. I wasn’t aware there were people concerned about me. No worries, I didn’t self-freeze, although there’s a chance…

Move on… says the kid that got frozen on Subeta and is trying to “leave drama behind” while they are submitting posts to Subeta Speaks… Oh the irony.



can someone tell me what the deal is with tiki/swirl? I had no idea she was a glorified keyboard warrior/staff troll.

The “you don’t have a real job” thing came from the Valenth is Closing thread. Beyond that, apparently Jessi friended her on Facebook at one point? I can only assume that was because of Subeta, given the vast geographical distances involved, but maybe they knew each other elsewhere.

They were both members of the Neocolours forums a while back, and when Tiki quit Subeta a few years ago she gave Jessi (and Lindsey) all her sp/whatever items they wanted. I don’t know who friended who on FB but I do know that Tiki certainly gave off the impression she was a friend of Jessi which makes the whole anonymous tumblr harassment even more shitty in my opinion.



I don’t condone harassing Jessi like this, but this is worrisome:

How did she get their full name and age, if not from the access she has because of Subeta? Reverse I.P. isn’t going to give you that. Swirl/Tiki has…

Are any of the staff professional?

Just one example I’ve come across. Every staff member who posted there acted like a high school “Mean Girl.” Great reflection of the website.

A thread from 2010? Seriously? That’s the best you got?


Bite needs to fuck off with their disgusting rape culture appropriating ass. I do not appreciate logging onto Subeta and looking at the shoutbox and seeing them make some stupid rape joke (something like “thirteen men were raping a german woman, she shouts “nein nein” and four leave) and then try and DEFEND THEMSELF for making everyone uncomfortable.

Agree 100%. Bite is a super douche. (By the way, you can and SHOULD report that shit)
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Did everyone miss, or is everyone just ignoring Cylum’s ‘butt rape’ joke on the Sweetheart Kerubi and Lasirus news post? Am I the only one who saw it? Because I sure as hell didn’t appreciate it.

Are you really whining about a joke? Lmfao. Some people are so sensitive, I swear.

And some people are extremely ignorant assholes.


Is it just me, or is this New York meetup thing not so much an Official Subeta Event but a “Jessi gets to see all her BFFs and be a cliquey bitch and pretend it’s work business” trip? I mean seriously all she is doing on that thread is going on and on about how happy she is to see 3 or 4 users and fuck the rest of us, amirite?

Certainly you realize that EVERY meet up since the original has been a ‘Subeta staff member is going to see friends and decided to have a meet up too’, right? Or is your hate-boner for Jessi making you too stupid to see that?


I know this is like beating a dead horse but seriously I am so sick of seeing her complain about not having money and then 5 minutes later she announces a $50 csc purchase in the shoutbox and acts like people are supposed to bow down to her because she bought so much csc…What happened to your money issue? Liar much.

Quit being a dumbass and BLOCK HER if you are so sick of seeing it.


What the fuck, Keith? Removing a long-term site feature without ANY warning to the users? Way to show care and respect for your userbase. 80% of people clearly hate this decision. If you do something controversial, at least do it with integrity. That’s it, I’m done with this site. All the changes have made it seriously suck.

80%? Way to pull stats out of your ass.


Can Jessyta please pull herself off of Keith’s dick for just five minutes? He’s gay, he probably doesn’t even want you sitting there.

But seriously the amount of ass kissing she is doing in the news post about deleting the computer quest is absurd.

On another note, deleting an entire fucking quest out of nowhere is also absurd. Wtf is even going on anymore?

FLUX is that you? This is the funniest shit I have read in ages. Clearly you are new here and have no idea about my history of bitching at Keith over the years. Just because I happen to agree with a decision he made… and think some players were acting like selfish idiots… doesn’t make me an asskisser. It makes me smart.